Portal of "Dieu* de Briefcase"

* The French word 'Dieu' means 'God'. Used here solely for the sake of its resemblance to Cantonese.

Dieu de Briefcase / God of Suitcase


PAUL HO's unHOLY QUOTATIONs (All in English because SPC is an EMI school)

- Open the door and see the mountain (翻譯: 開門見山)

- There is a Chinese saying ... (翻譯: 俗語有話...)

- Don't put your hands under your desk. People might think you are playing some toys.

- (When men put hands in your pocket) They are playing lucky draw.

- Detention Club: Lifetime membership

- Fishing Club

- Mr. Tso, a poet who can make a poem in seven steps (翻譯: 七步成詩)

- ICAC might stand for "I Can Accept Cash" (When he taught EPA)

- The term "tertiary industry" (三級工業) might have a better Chinese translation...

- ICAC might stand for  "Ice-Cream And Coca-cola"

- ICAC might meant "I Can Accept Cheques" (I quoted his "I can accept cash" in his Econ class, so he changed)

- Good Family Education

- If someone is not happy with you, they'll say hello to your family.

- If you use credit card in King Fu, they might say hello to your family.

- People don't cry until they see the coffin (翻譯: 唔見棺材, 唔流眼淚)

- [From hkgolden.com discussion] Lots of St Pauls boys go to HKU............................for lunch

- [From hkgolden.com discussion] Kill the monkey to warn the chicken

- ...Your entry goes here (please send it to dogbert.evil@gmail.com).


編者的話: 神雖然係懶,但佢o個種老狐狸智慧(Wally as in Dilbert comics)o係一般學校裡面唔會學到。教得唔好唔緊要(o係聖Paul度讀都予o左至少一半係咁,自己執生係一門必修課),最緊要係佢唔煩唔管小事。 神口賤(尤其係sarcasm)功力超深,我o係佢身上學到唔少。如果你能豁開要佢教econ嘅期望,俾佢教都幾頂癮。

我認為係聖Paul教書先生,教得好唔好唔係最大問題; 最重要係識唔識得同學生相處,同埋醒唔醒目。聖Paul學生一般都唔會因為你係學校教書就尊重你,都係要靠自己真才實料(人際技巧係其中之一)贏返。好似龍捲風呢得把口講,同埋超叔呢無自知之明低B動物,要贏得聖保羅學生尊重起碼要等多十世。我承認間中有學生會因為有無料到先生很努力而認同佢地,但我只係覺得o個唔掂先生可憐,所以唔會因先生努力而認同佢。

總而言之,係聖Paul都咪話容易,好多時都要睇天份。好似Ms Wai呢遲到早退,反而係有料之人佢火爆脾氣反而教曉我有時對人好口好多時會幫你逢凶化吉。仲有我F.1俾飛饑張教Maths大考38分,F.2Ms WaiMaths大考全級第二,你話呢。



In ho(r)nor of Paul Ho's proactive contribution to the widespread of technological advances in modern hi-tech briefcases, this section is dedicated to weird briefcases.