Portal of "Dieu* de Briefcase"

* The French word 'Dieu' means 'God'. Used here solely for the sake of its resemblance to a Cantonese word.

Cantonese: 廣東話


The reason that I opened up this section was that I really don't want to see Hongkong and Taiwan being assimilated by China and we call have to speak Mandarin in all situations. I'm damn against the damn bloody thing with five stars in it.





Technical Papers

IEEE Paper: Modelling Tones in Continuous Cantonese Speech: Amazing! It's hard for me to imagine people in EE working on something like this for serious.

A Simple Tone Classifier for Cantonese Recognition



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Portal of "Dieu de Briefcase': 解作神之門,有開門見山(Open the Door and See the Mountain) 之效。
網域題名為 Portal of "Dieu de Briefcase' 以紀念 Paul Ho 之大無精神