Portal of "Dieu* de Briefcase"

* The French word 'Dieu' means 'God'. Used here solely for the sake of its resemblance to Cantonese.

Dogbert FTP Server

IP/Alias: dogbert.serveftp.com
Port: 21 (Port number has changed!)


Login: Dogbert
Password: Sarcasm
Restrictions: Read-Only (except /Upload folder), 2 logins/IP

Login: Upload
Password: Sarcasm
Restrictions: Full, I'll trust you not to delete other people's upload. Unlimited connections/IP


Disclaimer: This server is supposed to be for my own personal use only. The address of the website is for my own easy access and is not supposed to be distributed (like a password). I held no responsibility if there is any intrusion to my server like port scan and web access.