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* The French word 'Dieu' means 'God'. Used here solely for the sake of its resemblance to Cantonese.

Cartoon Puns



Galaxy Angel, Lost Universe, DiGi Charat (before Nyo), 稻中兵團, 撲殺天使, Slayers, Da Capo, ゴクトーくん漫遊記, AIR Summer Special, まほらば .... whatever that satisfy the unholy trinity of comedy (wackiness included), cuteness and evilness gets my attention.


Galaxy Angel

Comedy: Lots of parody and whacky stuff! No-brainer's style fits me.

Cuteness: Kind of cute, but comedy is the most overwhelming part.

Evilness: Occasional. It was made to be broadcasted at family time.

Overall: Wildly funny and definitely not for story people. Cute drawing makes viewing more pleasant.

Season 4 Episode 1: How to wake people up? Playing "Four Seasons" with recorder might do.
Season 4 Episode 2: Extra bit in Gloves. Use your imagination.



Di Gi Charat

Comedy: Hilarious comedy and dialog. The strong evilness makes it more entertaining.

Cuteness: The first season (short original 10 minute series) is cute. Anything after DiGiCharat Nyo looks like drawing for 10 year old kids as audience, and I didn't look at it since then.

Evilness: The part that Dejiko is so evil minded and filthy-mouthed cracks me up. Just like Animaniacs, which is definitely not good for children. :p

Overall: Also no-brainer comedy, I only watched the early productions and do not have interest in modern productions.


Pay attention to 今回又毒舌滿載 at the bottom. :)