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* The French word 'Dieu' means 'God'. Used here solely for the sake of its resemblance to Cantonese.

Utility-Enhancing Activity (UEA^) in SPC

^ UEA can also stand for Useless but Entertaining Activities




'KCW Insomnia Cure' was finally released. The 'educative' recording of one of the easiest topic in Applied Mathematics - Projectile will bring any unrest people into deep sleep.

Performed by the Vice Principal of St. Paul's College and proudly recorded by his 2000-2001 F.6C class of Applied Mathematics which consists of only 7 people.

A full length of 56 minutes of lecture will guarantee drowsiness. It is dedicated to St. Paul's College graduate who miss the good old days in school where they have teachers to induce sleeping.

It was intended to be published in CD. However, MP3 version (38.5MB) is available here for your convenience. Lower quality version (9.21MB) is available here. Note that you can stream it by dragging the links to WinAMP.



Physics is very interesting! You read this. Good work. Stay behind. HoHoHoHeHeHeHaHaHaHeHeHe! What is the most accurate clock? Cesium Atomic Clock. Lee Ka Whore, Properties of wave. Rubbish, Rubbish, ei, ei, ei, duty boy, stay behind. Very tired? Stand up first. OK. Close your book. Fung Kwok Sang, Huygens's principle. Aei Aei Aei Aei..... Ai Ya, very bad, stay behind. Massage! Sing Hymn. Good. Concentrate. God created (kuueitud) this. Yeah. Open your book. Sing a song. Balanced development. Veryyy fast.

Prayer, Hymn, and physical exercise in physics lesson. Many class have recordings:

1999-2000 Form 6B




Statistics have shown a sharp increase in dropout rate of teacher and occasional suicides. How to deal with it? I created an imaginary character named Paul Ho to illustrate how to become a psychologically balanced teacher.

D.B. Williamson (淫神), "An essay to remember! Shall we say 'a different approach'"

Download the essay in PDF, MSWord, Original Scans (1, 2, 3)



It was an unused article which I wrote for Scope in 2001 as an Editor. Obviously, the people in English department don't have the guts to publish the truth, written in devil English, under the same format as school rules.

Download the rules in PDF, MSWord
Here is a commented version in PDF, MSWord for the clueless.
If you are inquisitive, I confess the my misdemeanor in this PDF, MSWord.


Pure Maths



興漢道 FANS 殺人事件

修詞 : 軟硬天師 - 廣播道 FANS 殺人事件

真係奇 我諗 丙虫好屎

各位 FANS 拉住 DC 佔領紅館鎮壓AC
石仄門口廿四小時 D秘密通道佢無所不知

勤力過 Paul Ho 非常準時 晨早六點瞓係班房扮屍
牆上刻字枱面寫詩 無乜事都會激爆肥Wi

見肥Wi 架車轉出路口 佢就立即逃走做長跑好手
眼定停手仲擘大口 灘係路中心仲唔走?

由筲箕灣追到大窩口 披頭散髮又成身汗臭
面青口唇白都唔識得嘔 睇夠嚇夠咪返屋企抖

淫神 喼神 我地支持你 梁伯 夏仔 我地支持你
周老 阿巢 我地支持你 何老 國佐 我地支持你
符老 袁老 我地支持你 肥獅 朱弧 我地支持你


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