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Small Potatoes' Cabaret


- A by-product of St. Paul Ho's College's (SPC)

SPC's Motto:
Open the Door and See the Mountain


Worship God of Suitcase (Geepson)

The fear of Geepson is the key to stupidity


List of Definitions

Geepson:       The lord and the saviour of St. Paul Ho's College. It refers to the man which is gallant (雄) and horny or shaganappi (堅).



St. Paul Ho's College is an Austin Power's memorial institution & pro-stitution. Upon graduation, either by good family education or poor choice of location, if they can pass the SAT I and II (Sex Ability Test) and TOEFL (Test of Ejaculate as a Fucking Lubricant) with minimum score of 167 and 169 irrespectively, they will be awarded a degree in Badchelor of Paulholitical Sadism (B. Ph. S.). If the student is highly potent and participated in practical experiments in their Biology inter-courses, they will get a Horny SM degree: B. Ph. Sm. (Horns).


News from Department of Good Family Education:

American Pie and Dilbert is the official ETV Material for lessons in biology and economics.


College Hymn: Poem of Cooking Beans (by Mr. Tso)

Mr. Tso: A poet who can make a poem in seven steps.


Question and Answers to Economics & Principals of Accounts (EPA)

Why you should not put your hands under your desk?
People might think that you are playing some toys.

Why you should not put your hands in your pocket?
People might think that you are having a lucky draw.


Lecture Notes on Economics & Principles of Accounts (EPA)

            There is a Chinese saying:

            Detention Club - Lifetime membership

            Fishing Club